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Windy City Long Sleeve

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Classic style, cool graphics, and a super soft wash for everyday comfort. This long sleeve tee feels as good as it looks!

Color: Charcoal Grey

Material: 100% Cotton

Details: Sleeve Embellishment

This item is made from recirculated water based ink to reduce hazardous chemicals and reducing waste by 90%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Janet Tilden
This birthday gift was a Home Run!

My husband and I became addicted to Home Run Inn pizza when we were newlyweds in Chicago. Forty-one years later we live in Omaha, Nebraska, and we still love HRI pizza. Some things never change! We're so glad we can find it in the freezer case at Walgreens. I bought the shirt for my husband for his 65th birthday, and he loves it. The fit is perfect, the black and grey color combination looks good on him, and the fabric is comfortable to wear. Best of all, he can wear the shirt year-round because it has long sleeves.

Janet! Thanks for the awesome review! We're so glad to have fans like you!

Brian Lowe
Great shirt

Wanted a cool long sleeve t for the fall. Love the design - and the pizza even more!


I am originally from Chicago and love HRI so this was the perfect shirt to represent my love for my favorite pizza and my home town Chicago! Love the design!

Favorite Chicago T-Shirt!

Comfortable and cute!

Nice Design

I like the stars down the arm- I think it's for Chicago since HRI is from Chicago- cool touch. The gray is a warm nice gray and the shirt is a little thicker which makes it a higher quality. Worth the price!